Qualified electronic signature EuroCert is an electronic signature which has the equivalent legal effect of a handwritten signature in electronic document circulation. Created with a certificate it enables an unambiguous identification of a natural person who is signing a given document. To make it secure, the signature is stored on a cryptographic device which protects it against being copied.

Owing to the qualified electronic signature EuroCert:

  • A signature based on a qualified certificate has the equivalent legal effect of a handwritten signature in digitized document circulation in the entire territory of the European Union. A signature is issued to a natural person on a secure device composed of a reader and a card.
  • Our service is compliant with the eIDAS Regulation and the Polish Act on trust services and electronic identification.

In addition to using an electronic signature in the contacts with various offices and authorities it can be used for commercial purposes too, as it shortens the time needed to conclude civil law agreements to a couple of minutes. Forwarding of a file signed electronically does not require cumbersome printing and shipping by regular mail or courier, which additionally saves money and facilitates transmission of documents within a company.
The qualified electronic signature EuroCert enables you to create a signature in a PAdES format (dedicated to PDF files) and XAdES (dedicated to all file types).