Certificates and CRLs

Certificates installer

A complete set of certificates in the form of an installer - Download

National Certification Center (NCCert root)

Root certificate of National Certification Center (NCCert) valid from 26 october 2009 to 27 october 2020 (old root) - download .crt
Root certificate of National Certification Center (NCCert) valid from 9 december 2016 to 10 december 2039 (new root) - download .crt

EuroCert Certification Center (intermediate certificates)

Certificate EuroCert QCA01 (PK:RSA 2048b/SA:SHA1RSA) valid from 14 january 2014 to 15 january 2019 - download .der
Certificate EuroCert QCA02 (PK:RSA 4096b/SA:SHA1RSA) valid from 14 february 2017 to 27 october 2020 - download .der
Certificate EuroCert QCA03 (PK:RSA 4096b/SA:SHA512RSA) valid from 14 february 2017 to 15 february 2028 - download .der
Certificate EuroCert QCA04 (PK:ECC 384b/SA:SHA512RSA) valid from 14 march 2017 to 15 march 2028 - download .der
Certificate EuroCert QTSA01 (PK:RSA 4096b/SA:SHA512RSA) valid from 24 may 2018 to 25 may 2029 - download .der

EuroCert Certification Center (EuroCert root - non-qualified)

Root certificate EuroCert NQCA01 (PK:RSA 2048b/SA:SHA1RSA) valid from 28 april 2014 to 28 april 2024 - download .crt
Root certificate EuroCert NQCA02a (PK:RSA 4096b/SA:SHA256RSA) valid from 12 january ‎2017 to ‎12 january ‎2032 - download .crt
Root certificate EuroCert NQCA02b (PK:RSA 4096b/SA:SHA256RSA) valid from 3 september ‎2017 to ‎‎3 september ‎2032 - download .crt

CRLs of the EuroCert Certification Center

CRL for qualified certificates QCA01 - CRL list (crl.crl)
CRL for qualified certificates QCA02 - CRL list (qca02.crl)
CRL for qualified certificates QCA03 - CRL list (qca03.crl)
CRL for qualified certificates QCA04 - CRL list (qca04.crl - CA in testing)
CRL for non-qualified certificates NQCA01 - CRL list (nqca01.crl)

In case of any problems with downloading certificates or current CRLs, please contact:

phone: +48 22 490 49 86
e-mail: wsparcie@eurocert.pl

Lists of revoked certificates are available on the website of the National Certification Center - www.nccert.pl

About us

Eurocert Ltd. was founded in 19.01.2012 in Warsaw. The core activity focuses on digital safety software. The relevant market is the City of Warsaw where the company’s headquarters are located as well as the facility which is necessary for operation of the services. Up till recently the staff have specialized in modernization and Data Center services as well as in administration of server systems. The company renders services in its domains which are technical aspects of server rooms and data storage. 


What is worth knowing?

Pursuant to the Act of 5 September 2016 on trust services and electronic identification (Journal of Laws, item 1579), data in electronic form bearing a qualified electronic signature are equivalent in terms of legal effects to documents bearing handwritten signatures.

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