Qualified electronic signature

Qualified electronic signature EuroCert is an electronic signature which has the equivalent legal effect of a handwritten signature in electronic document circulation. Created with a certificate it enables an unambiguous identification of a natural person who is signing a given document. To make it secure, the signature is stored on a cryptographic device which protects it against being copied.

Owing to the qualified electronic signature EuroCert:

  • A signature based on a qualified certificate has the equivalent legal effect of a handwritten signature in digitized document circulation in the entire territory of the European Union. A signature is issued to a natural person on a secure device composed of a reader and a card.
  • Our service is compliant with the eIDAS Regulation and the Polish Act on trust services and electronic identification.


In addition to using an electronic signature in the contacts with various offices and authorities it can be used for commercial purposes too, as it shortens the time needed to conclude civil law agreements to a couple of minutes. Forwarding of a file signed electronically does not require cumbersome printing and shipping by regular mail or courier, which additionally saves money and facilitates transmission of documents within a company.
The qualified electronic signature EuroCert enables you to create a signature in a PAdES format (dedicated to PDF files) and XAdES (dedicated to all file types).

Qualified electronic seal

A qualified seal is a service designed to sign document in an electronic form with the organization data. It guarantees an unambiguous identification of an entity who is a creator of the seal. One of the greatest benefits of a qualified seal is the fact that a document sealed with it retains its integrity. Editing such a file will instantly make a message pop up that there is inconsistency between a sealed file and a modified version thereof. Besides, adoption of the seal increases the reliability of an organization and identifies it in the electronic world.

We recommend the qualified seal in businesses which:

  • Wish to automate procedures and sign in bulk e.g. invoices (go to Business B2B section to learn more)
  • Keep the integrity and authenticity of forwarded documents from the moment of their sealing
  • Save money and store documents on electronic carriers without printing and storing them more than it is absolutely necessary


The seal certificate may be placed on a special carrier (smart card), a client’s or EuroCert’s HSM.

Time stamps

A qualified service of time stamps means that a document is signed with a trustworthy date and time by the EuroCert Qualified Time Stamping Authority. A signature creates a legal effect of authenticated date. This ensures that a given document or signature existed at a given point in time. In most of the cases it is used along with a qualified electronic signature.

Benefits of time stamps:

  • makes it impossible to document predating
  • unexceptionable proof that a document was created at a given moment
  • protecting software against viruses
  • security of files circulation in the system


When a time stamp was not used in the moment of signing the document, the date is downloaded from the client’s device.

HSM – Hardware Security Module

A Hardware Security Module (HSM) is a device that provides additional data protection and can be implemented within a corporate infrastructure. It is used to securely store and share cryptographic keys, which can only be accessed after proper authentication. HSMs can be utilized for critical functions such as signing, encrypting, decrypting, and authenticating for the purposes of application usage, systems, identities, and databases. The cryptographic operations performed by them aim to ensure the security of business secrets.

HSM – Hardware Security Module - EuroCert

Zalety i właściwości modułu HSM:

  • Ensures the highest level of key and data security in the market
  • Complies with a range of security standards and regulations, confirmed by certifications
  • Facilitates the storage and centralized management of multiple keys
  • Provides high signing performance due to its scalability
  • Incorporates safeguards to prevent tampering
  • WCollaborates with systems and applications through standard interfaces


Qualified certificates compliant with PSD2

EuroCert offers a set of certificates compliant with the PSD2 Directive of 14 September 2019 on
payment services applicable to all the European Union member states. This service is addressed to non‐banking sector (Third Party Providers) or entities applying to the Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) for a license to become a payment institution.

The set is composed of:

  • A qualified certificate of an electronic seal compliant with PSD2 used to electronically authenticate the data of a legal person who provides payment services
  • A qualified certificate for website authentication compliant with PSD2 used to electronically authenticate websites and link them to legal persons

To get a certificate, a business has to have a valid license issued by the KNF. If you are applying for a license and wish to test your solution in the KNF Regulatory Sandbox, get a hold of test certificates compliant with PSD2.

Qualified certificates compliant with PSD2 issued by EuroCert are compliant with ETSI TS 119 495 v 1.2.1.


Certificates for the National Hub

Certificates enabling a function of assertion encryption and requests signing compliant with all the requirements of the National Hub of Electronic Identification, are dedicated to public administration units in Poland.
Inclusion into the National Identification Hub with the use of certificates will create conditions and tools for dissemination of digital services and, more importantly, implementation of smoothly-running electronic identification in Poland. Ultimately, the creation of the system will make it possible to handle formalities while using identification means other a Trusted Profile e.g. by logging in with the banking data. Without the Certificates for the National Hub issued by EuroCert, it is not possible to join the integrating system.


Non qualified certificates

Such certificates enable to sign and encrypt e-mails and files. They ensure an efficient protection against forgery or unauthorized reading of the information sent. They increase the security of the electronic document exchange. Unqualified certificates are not equal to qualified certificates and do not have the equivalent legal effect of a handwritten signature. It can successfully be used in internal communication within a company.


Cryptographic devices – readers, cards

EuroCert offers cryptographic devices necessary in a proper use of trust services.

Among them, there are:

  • Cryptographic cards required to store a qualified signature certificate
  • Gemalto ID Prime 3810 smart cards which are compatible with the Source application
  • Cryptographic card readers
  • Electronic ID cards readers