EuroCert offers a set of certificates compliant with the PSD2 Directive of 14 September 2019 on
payment services applicable to all the European Union member states. This service is addressed to non‐banking sector (Third Party Providers) or entities applying to the Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) for a license to become a payment institution.

The set is composed of:

  • A qualified certificate of an electronic seal compliant with PSD2 used to electronically authenticate the data of a legal person who provides payment services
  • A qualified certificate for website authentication compliant with PSD2 used to electronically authenticate websites and link them to legal persons

To get a certificate, a business has to have a valid license issued by the KNF. If you are applying for a license and wish to test your solution in the KNF Regulatory Sandbox, get a hold of test certificates compliant with PSD2.

Qualified certificates compliant with PSD2 issued by EuroCert are compliant with ETSI TS 119 495 v 1.2.1.