With a qualified e-signature at hand, you will unlock a host of new growth options for your business. The service streamlines the flow of documents and speeds up many processes. It will support your HR department in their work, as it enables your teams to e-sign employee files or financial documents easily. Moreover, it is an extremely convenient and effective utility for any enterprise that wants to extend its operations and set its business goals beyond the borders of Poland. How?

The qualified electronic signature is the only type of the e-signature whose legal effect is equivalent to that of a handwritten signature placed on a hard copy of a contract.

Benefits of the qualified e-signature

  • The qualified e-signature is recognised by all Member States of the European Union thanks to its compliance with the EU eIDAS Regulation, which unifies the European e-signature market. Any such e-signature issued by a provider based in one Member State is valid across the entire EU.
  • A qualified e-signatures issued in Poland by any authorised provider, such as EuroCert, will also be recognised as valid and legally effective outside Poland – on the entire territory of the European Union.
  • In a similar fashion, a qualified e-signature issued by an authorised foreign provided in compliance with eIDAS should be recognised in Poland.
  • An e-signature can be used regardless of where its holder is physically located in the world, which makes it a great tool for business expansion.

By contrast, it must be remembered that the Trusted Profile or advanced e-signatures can only be used in Poland and will not be recognised outside its territory. Therefore, if you are signing any documents as part of a business transaction – make sure you use a qualified e-signature.

Saving money in many ways

A qualified e-signature can be a source of formidable savings, particularly when it is used to sign contracts or documents with parties based outside Poland:

  • You no longer have to pay for the dispatch of paper documents by an expedited international courier service, which is typically a lot more expensive than a domestic one.
  • Signing a document with a qualified e-signature can often eliminate the necessity to use the services of a notary public.

In addition, once e-signed, the document can be transmitted electronically between businesses, authorities and other public bodies freely without any limitations. This makes contacting your business partners abroad a lot easier. You do not need to draw up hard-copy certificates of document copies being true to their original counterparts any more.

Last but not least, the e-signature and similar solutions aid the global effort of reducing the adverse impact business operations have on the natural environment, as they eliminate the necessity to print documents on paper, which means reducing the mileage covered by courier trucks and mail vans, as well as allowing you travel less on business. All that contributes significantly to minimising the carbon footprint you generate.

Qualified e-signature stands for certainty and trust

Issued based on a certificate, a qualified e-signature allows trouble-free and one hundred per cent effective identification of the signatory of the document, as their details are embedded in every signature they place.

The qualified electronic signature is the only one that secures the document cryptographically and lets you archive it “as it is”, without a need to use additional platforms or services. It is secure for both parties, as it renders it impossible to make any alterations to the document whatsoever once it has been signed.

How do I buy a qualified e-signature that will be valid and legally effective abroad too?

To be able to execute business transactions, each of the representatives that sign the document – the Polish and the foreign contracting party – needs to have their own qualified e-signature. Qualified e-signatures can be purchased from a qualified trust services provider. EuroCert is one of the only five companies in Poland that have that status.

In order to purchase your own e-signature, simply follow this straightforward process:

  • Get in touch with EuroCert by e-mail or phone
  • Schedule an identity confirmation meeting
  • Prove your identity in the course of the online meeting, which will take between 10 and 20 minutes

Once your identity has been verified, your qualified certificate will be issued and delivered to you on a cryptographic card secured with a PIN code.

More details needed? Please read our article: How to obtain your own qualified e-signature,step by step or contact us!