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Qualified signature

  • Based on a qualified certificate, a signature has the equivalent legal effect of a handwritten signature in digitized document circulation in the entire territory of the European Union. A signature is issued to a natural person on a secure device composed of a reader and a card.
  • The service is compliant with the eIDAS Regulation and the Polish Act on trust services and electronic identification.

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Qualified Seal

  • The electronic seal is designed for attaching documents by legal persons: companies, organizations and public institutions. The trust service guarantees the security, authenticity and integrity of digital documents in B2C, B2B and B2G relations.
  • The service complies with the requirements of the European eIDAS Regulation and the Polish Act on Trust and Electronic Identification Services. The qualified stamp is accepted throughout the European Union.

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  • Qualified time stamping service enables marking documents with date and time collected from an independent, secure source like EuroCert Certification Centre. It enables precise confirmation of the time at which an electronic signature was affixed and determination whether a given document existed at a given time and was not modified.
  • The use of the service has legal effect of “certain date” and is accepted throughout the EU. All in compliance with current Polish and European law (eIDAS).

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PSD2 certificate

  • They ensure confidentiality of communication and authentication of communicating entities. The service consists of two qualified certificates: a website authentication certificate and an electronic seal certificate.
  • Certificates are issued in accordance with the requirements of the PSD2 Directive and the eIDAS Regulation. The service is intended only for authorized entities such as banks and payment service providers (TPPs).

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QWAC certificate

  • Qualified Website Authentication Certificate (QWAC) is used for authenticate websites and secure transmitted data using SSL / TSL encryption protocol.
  • It uses asymmetric cryptography to ensure adequate security. Service compliant with eIDAS requirements.

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Non ­qualified services


  • Email certificate – allows you to sign, encrypt email and files. Thanks to it you can secure your electronic correspondence against modification and against unauthorized person seeing the content.
  • Certificate for the National Identity Node – certificates enabling public trust services for the purposes of integrating IT systems with the National Electronic Identity Node.

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If you wish to sign documents in bulk or implement an electronic circulation of documents or need out of the box solution.


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Since 2013 we have been providing our services in accordance with the binding law. We provide our products in compliance with the eIDAS Regulation and the Polish Act on trust services and electronic identification.

As a Qualified Certification Authority we adopt knowledge and experience of our team and ensure a high quality and standards in security of our services.



Save your time

Sign documents in seconds and send them online, without printing and paperwork. Spend the time saved on more important activities.

Be safe

Make sure your documents are integral, authentic and fully legally valid. This will protect you against forgery or identity theft as well as ensure a full legal compliance.


By signing documents electronically you have a real impact on the environment around you as less paper is less water and trees consumption.

Speed up your procedures

Sign documents electronically, send them online and implement an electronic circulation of documents. This will allow you to minimize bureaucracy and lead your company into the world of digitalization.

Save money

Forget about a printer, service, shipping and archiving of paper documents. Spend the savings on more important things instead, and be paperless.

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